Tighten and Tone: 8 Transforming Tricep Workouts for Women

    8 Tricep Workouts for Women | Whether you prefer to workout with weights at the gym, or with no equipment at home, we’re sharing the best exercises you can do to tighten and tone your arms. Perfect for beginners, these arm workouts will help you get rid of batwings and flabby arms, for a more defined set of triceps that will make your friends jealous! Do these workouts with dumbbells (or without) for sexy arms you'll love. #tricepworkouts #getridofarmfat #flabbyarms

    Are you looking to slim down and sculpt your arms? Tricep workouts are one of the best ways to get the toned arms you’ve been hoping for. They help you target the flab at the back of your arms and give your arms gorgeous definition. Not only will they make your arms look great, tricep strength also helps bring stability to your shoulders and arms, increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

    Your triceps are one of the hardest working muscles in your body. You may not realize it, but you use them to perform plenty of tasks every day, from carrying groceries to pushing doors open to holding and carrying your kids. Want to know the best tricep workouts for women? Try these tricep workouts with and without weights to get beautifully tightened and toned arms!

    What Are Triceps Anyway?

    Before we get into the workouts, we thought we’d do a little tricep overview, incase you’re not fully in the know about the tricep muscle. The tricep has three heads- the long head, lateral head and medial head. The long head is located toward the back of your arm and is responsible for most of the overall mass of your triceps. The lateral head is smaller than the long head, but is the most visible head from the side, and the medial head is the least noticeable but still plays an important role in tricep definition and providing overall strength to the tricep muscle!

    The best tricep workouts work all three heads! Ready to get started? Here are the tricep workouts you need to add to your workout routine if you want tight, toned, and defined arms!

    4 Tricep Workouts for Women with Weights

    Women’s Triceps Workout (4 Moves for Perfect Arms) | Athlean-XX for Women

    These four workouts will strengthen and tone your triceps, and make your arms look great! They laser target the back of your arms, helping you lose arm fat and improving your arm strength overall. You’ll do each tricep workout for 10-12 reps and you can do 1-4 rounds depending on your skill level. Either way, you’re sure to feel the burn!

    At Home Workout: Sculpted Arms | Heather Robertson

    Heather Robertson’s workouts are some of the best on Youtube, and her arm workouts are no exception. This workout is only 17 minutes and combines tricep workouts with bicep and shoulder exercises to sculpt and tone your arms. All you need is a set of dumbbells at your chosen weight, and you’ll see the results in no time!

    7 Best Triceps Exercises for Sexy Arms | Autumn Calabrese

    If you want gorgeous sexy triceps, these are the 7 moves to make it happen. You’ll need dumbbells for most of them, but she also uses a resistance band for one exercise and her own body weight for others. There are 15 reps of each exercise, and she suggests you do 3 sets total, so you better be ready to work those arms! From tricep extensions and kickbacks to a narrow grip chest press, these are the 7 arm workouts you need to know for great triceps!

    Bye Bye Bat Wings | Tricep and Arm Workout | Love, Sweat, Fitness

    These 5 exercises will help tone and tighten up the back of your arms so you can say goodbye pesky “bat wings”. Bat wings are the fat and/or excess skin at the back of your arms that you may notice if you go to wave hello that can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. She demonstrates a mix of exercises with and without weights, but you will need dumbbells for most of these tricep exercises!

    4 Tricep Workouts for Women without Weights

    10 Min Toned Arms Workouts (At Home No Equipment) | MadFit

    You don’t need weights to sculpt and tone your arms! Get a crazy good arm and tricep workout in the comfort of your own home- no equipment needed. This workout will tone your upper body with exercises like tricep dips, walkouts to tricep pushups and one arm pushups. Set up an exercise mat and get ready- this workout routine will seriously work your arms!

    Best Tank Top Triceps & Toned Arms Routine with No Equipment! | blogilates

    Cassie of Blogilates always has killer arm workout routines and you’re going to love this tricep workout! She takes you through 4 POP pilates exercises including half cobra pushups, baby tiger, child’s push and tricep pushups. Each exercise targets your triceps like crazy, strengthening your arms and making them look toned and sleek! It’s a super quick routine for when you don’t have much time, but still want to get a workout in!

    No Equipment Arms Workout: Tone and Definition | Heather Robertson

    Looking to tone up and create definition in your arms? This no-equipment arm workout is what you’ve been searching for. Combining tricep exercises like one-legged pushups and laying tricep presses, with other arm and shoulder exercises like walking plank and plank reach, your arms are sure to get a serious workout that will leave them looking amazing and feeling strong!

    Best Tricep Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms | Natalie Jill Fitness

    With this arm routine, you’ll target your triceps using your body weight with exercises like tricep lean backs, tricep crawl and push ups with a shimmy. If you want to say goodbye to bat wings forever and get toned and defined arms, this workout routine will definitely help you do it! All you need is a fitness mat and you’re all set to do these tricep workouts!

    Tricep workouts help you look great by tightening and toning your arms. They also help strengthen your upper body so you can do daily tasks with ease! Do these tricep workouts with and without weights to get gorgeous, defined arms!