10 Fat-Burning Workouts for Serious Results

    Looking for fat-burning workouts you can do at home or at the gym to blast belly fat FAST? We’ve got you covered. For beginners and beyond, this collection of full body workout videos will teach you the best cardio and strength-training exercise routines for SERIOUS results. No pain, no gain, right?

    If you’re tired of seeing mediocre results from your fitness routine, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve rounded up 10 fat-burning workouts that promise serious results. They’ll boost your metabolism, get your heart pumping, and of course, blast calories and fat. The best way to see the results you want is incorporating full body cardio workouts with exercises for your abs, legs, chest and arms. Making sure you hit all the spots will be key to your fitness success! Add in a healthy diet, and there’s no way you can go wrong!

    These ten workouts include everything from burpees and mountain climbers to jump rope, squats and push ups. They’ll work your entire body so you can rest assured that amazing results are coming your way. Do them in the morning, after work, or for a midday pick-me-up to get your energy up and your blood pumping! A combination of sports drills, aerobics, Pilates, ab-sculpting and more, these exercises will help you tone and sculpt your dream body!


    Don’t worry about finding the best fat-burning exercises around the web, we’ve done the guess work for you. And if you want even more of a hard core workout, check out this awesome fitness DVD, 10 Days to a Better Body! Let’s get moving!

    1. Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss – Cardio and Abs Workout by Fitness Blender

    The best way to burn fat and get the results you want is to combine cardio and ab exercises. You can’t blast belly fat by only doing sit ups and crunches. It’s essential that you incorporate cardio as well, and that’s why this workout will show you amazing results. This workout will get your heart rate up, your blood pumping and your metabolism revving!

    2. 10-Minute Fat-Burning Workout that Works by Bright Side

    No matter what your fitness level is, this ab workout is sure to give you a run for your money! 10 minutes of belly fat busting exercises will ensure you’re feeling the burn and seeing results. You’ll work your lower abdominals and obliques to blast love handles, and you’ll burn excess fat from your entire core.

    3. Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout by BeFiT

    I love the high-energy intensity of this group workout! Of course you don’t have to do it with a group, but I find watching this video to be very motivating as it feels like you’re working out with the colorful bunch! This full body workout was designed to boost your metabolism and blast calories through cardio interval exercises. The workout combines sports drills, aerobics, kickboxing and ab-sculpting moves to strengthen and sculpt your entire body!

    4. Women’s Full Body Fat Burning Workout! By womensworkoutchannel

    Get your heart rate up and blast fat with this full body workout that includes exercises such as burpees, squats, push ups, planks and more. Led by a bikini model, you can see how out of breath she becomes throughout the workout, showing you how intense it really is!

    5. Workouts to Lose Belly Fat for Women at Home FAST by Workouts for Women

    Get ready to feel your abs burn with this fat-blasting ab workout! In order to get rid of belly fat, it’s crucial to incorporate cardio exercises, as you can’t lose fat by just doing crunches. Make sure you also run, bike, or swim in addition to doing abdominal workouts to see the best results! This workout gets you moving and will increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism!

    6. 8 Minute Morning Workout (Fast Morning Fat Burner) by Athlean-XX for Women

    If you’re looking for a quick morning workout, you can do this one in just 8 minutes! It works your entire body from your legs to your core to your chest and arms, and will help you burn calories and lose weight! It will also boost your energy, which is why it’s perfect to incorporate into your morning routine. Roll out of bed and get your morning started right!

    7. 30 Min Fat Burning Cardio Workout – Bipasha Basu Unleash ‘Full Routine’ – Full Body Workout by Good Health 24/7

    Bipasha Bapu is known in Bollywood as the epitome of fitness. She guides you through a 30-minute workout that will strengthen your body, burn calories, and boost weight loss. The rigorous cardio workout will also improve lung, heart, and circulatory function, so you’re getting the best of all worlds. If you’re amazed with this workout, you’ll be even more amazed that she doesn’t seem to break a sweat at all!

    8. 5 x 5 Workout | Fat Burning Workout for Women | Body Weight Exercises Only by Super Sister Fitness

    With 5 fat-burning moves from burpees to jump rope to mountain climbers, this hard core workout is sure to give you serious results! Do each of the exercises for one minute for five rounds and you’ll definitely break a sweat and feel the burn! They also give you variations for each of the moves if you want something a little more challenging.

    9. Fat Burning Outdoor Workout Ideas. Interval Drills You Can Do Outside by YourTimeTraining

    These high intensity cardio drills were created to kick your butt into shape! Do this workout in your backyard or in the park for a killer outdoor routine. This fitness regime isn’t easy, so be prepared to work hard, and don’t be scared to take breaks if you need them. From single-leg mountain climbs to burpees and push-ups, this routine will give you the fat-burning results you crave!

    10. Fat Destroyer – Best Cardio Workout by blogilates

    This workout is pure cardio to get your heart racing and fat burning throughout your entire body! This non-stop routine will have you breaking a sweat and seeing awesome weight loss results. Do it in the comfort of your own home, in the gym, or wherever you want! It’s a great workout to incorporate into your regime every week.

    Incorporate these workouts into your fitness regime if you’re looking for serious results. These full body workouts will get your heart rate up, boost your metabolism, and blast fat fast! So, what are you waiting for?