Drink Up! 45 Super Bowl Cocktails Under 200 Calories

    45 Super Bowl Cocktails Under 200 Calories | Part of the fun of Super Bowl Sunday is the drinks. Am I right? If you're trying to lose weight and want to indulge in a cocktail (or 4) without ruining your weight loss progress, we've curated the best low calorie drinks that are easy to make and taste delicious. Perfect for one or for a crowd, these simple cocktails go beyond vodka sodas. Learn how to create low calorie drinks with rum, tequila, gin, and anything else you have on hand!

    Super Bowl parties may be synonymous with nachos and beer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your game-watching soirée with cocktails that have a little more class. Instead of greasy foods and drinks that make you bloat, why not host a Super Bowl party with scrumptious appetizers and yummy low cal cocktails? There’s something to be said about enjoying yourself as you cheer on your team while also feeling great. While many cocktails can quickly lay on the calories, we’ve compiled a list of low calorie cocktails you and your guests will love. Check out 45 Super Bowl cocktails under 200 calories.

    5 Tips for Making Low Calorie Cocktails

    If you’re not careful, the cocktails you consume on game day may be loaded with calories. While it’s possible to find cocktails under 200 calories, many cocktails come in at a much higher count. Alcohol itself can be quite caloric, so when you add sugary mixers and syrups, one game day drink can end up being hundreds of calories. Pair that with classic Super Bowl recipes like chicken wings, creamy dips and sliders, and you’re in for a VERY indulgent day. Below we’re giving you our best tips for making low calorie cocktails so you don’t spend the day in a sugar coma.

    1. Steer Clear of Liqueurs
    Certain sweeter, creamier alcohols are already packed with sugar and calories. Steer clear of liqueurs such as Baileys, Kahlua, schnapps, and crème de mint if you’re looking to make a low calorie cocktail. These will bring the calorie count way up before even adding any mixers. High proof spirits are the best alcohol varieties to use to keep your cocktails low cal.

    2. Skip Pre-Made Mixes
    Pre-made mixes for cocktails like mojitos may be convenient, but they’re typically packed with sugar, which means more calories. Opt to make your own mix so you know exactly what’s going into your cocktail. Instead of using syrups and sugars, you can flavour your mojito with mint, lime and stevia. It will be sweet, fresh and low in calories!

    3. Use Natural Ingredients
    While you can find mixers and juices in pretty much any flavour, they’re bound to be loaded with sugar and calories. Instead, use fresh, low-calorie ingredients such as fresh fruits to give a punch of flavour to your cocktail. A margarita sweetened with fresh juice squeezed from oranges, limes and lemons will be much healthier than using sugary mixes and syrups.

    4. Choose Sugar-Free Mixers
    When choosing mixers for your cocktails, pick sugar free options like soda water, fresh citrus fruit or diet soda. And don’t confuse tonic water with soda water. While many people assume they’re the same thing, tonic water contains added sweeteners, giving it a lot more sugar and calories.

    5. Go Green
    Fresh herbs are a great way to add flavour to your cocktail and take your drink up a notch. Herbs like mint, basil, rosemary and thyme add some nutrients to your cocktail without any calories. It’s the perfect way to add a dose of flavour without any sugars, syrups or juices.

    35 Super Bowl Cocktails Under 200 Calories

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    3. Classic Caesar | Spend with Pennies
    4. Blueberry Punch | Self
    5. Raspberry Mint Mojitos | Eat Yourself Skinny
    6. Classic Moscow Mule | Cookie and Kate
    7. Spiked Gingerade | Self
    8. Skinny Orange Crush | Chef Saavy
    9. Salty Chihuahua | Eating Well
    10. Dark and Stormy | Self
    11. Hot Apple Cider with Brandy and Spices | Eating Well
    12. Mudslide Cocktail | The Spruce Eats
    13. Gin Fizz Cocktail | Preppy Kitchen
    14. Amaretto Sour | Self
    15. Tangerine Bourbon Sidecars | Eating Well
    16. Game Day Sangria | We’re the Joneses
    17. Watermelon Margarita | Sugar and Charm
    18. Charred Grapefruit and Basil Gin and Tonic | Sprinkles and Sprouts
    19. Cape Cod Cocktail | The Kitchen Magpie
    20. Cuba Libre | Food
    21. Classic Aperol Spritz | Cookie and Kate
    22. Strawberry Lime Vodka Spritzer | The Farmwife Drinks
    23. Seabreeze Cocktail | All Recipes
    24. Sour Apple Martini | Better Homes and Gardens
    25. Blood Orange Wine Spritzer | Seasonal Cravings
    26. Classic Screwdriver Cocktail | All Recipes
    27. Spanish Gin Tonics | Fox and Briar
    28. Hard Cider Mimosa | Take Two Tapas
    29. Spicy and Savoury Blood Mary | Spend with Pennies
    30. Kombucha Moscow Mules | Cookie and Kate
    31. Scotch and Soda Cocktail | The Spruce Eats
    32. Easy Mint Julep | Cookie and Kate
    33. Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon Moscow Mule | Cooking with Janica
    34. Apricot Brandy Sour | The Spruce Eats
    35. Tom Collins Cocktail | Cookie and Kate

    10 Super Bowl Cocktails Under 100 Calories

    1. Skinny Sangria Spritzer | Take Two Tapas
    2. Skinny Lime Margarita | Peanut Butter and Peppers
    3. Best Ever Bloody Mary | Food
    4. Cranberry Spritzer | Taste of Home
    5. Red Wine Spritzer | Jennifer Meyering
    6. Vodka Soda with Lime | Dinners, Dishes and Desserts
    7. Refreshing Rosé Spritzer | A Couple Cooks
    8. Grapefruit Lime Spritzer | Southern Parm
    9. White Wine Spritzer | The Spruce Eats
    10. Cucumber Vodka Cocktail | The Daily Meal