20 Delicious High Protein Vegan Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Day

    20 High Protein Vegan Breakfast Ideas | Looking for healthy cleaning eating vegan breakfast recipes to fuel your mornings? Whether you’re looking for on the go options (protein smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, quinoa bowls, smoothie bowls, protein muffins) or prefer something heartier at home (buckwheat porridge, chia pancakes, French toast, sweet potato toast), this post has it all - even low carb and healthy no bake options! #veganbreakfast #veganbreakfastrecipes #highproteinrecipes

    If you’re thinking about starting on the vegan diet, there may be a few questions popping up in your mind. For one, how do you get enough protein? And for another, how do you make sure you’re eating a high protein vegan breakfast everyday? Just because you’re eliminating meat and animal products doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on protein! In fact, there are plenty of health benefits of following the vegan diet. Read on to find out how you can ensure you eat a high protein breakfast every day while still sticking to your vegan diet goals.

    What Is the Vegan Diet?

    The vegan diet is a fully plant-based diet. It’s centred around whole plant foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. It eliminates all animal products from beef and chicken to mayonnaise and cheese. Yep, that means no meat, no eggs, no dairy. Anything that comes from an animal is – quite literally – off the table.

    What Is the Difference Between the Vegan and Vegetarian Diet?

    While vegans are fully plant-based, vegetarians don’t eat animal meat, but still consume animal products such as eggs and cheese. There are different types of vegetarian diets, from the pescatarian diet, that allows fish but eliminates meat, dairy and eggs, to the ovo-vegetarian diet that excludes meat, dairy and fish, but allows eggs.

    What Are the Health Benefits of Following a Vegan Diet?

    There are quite a few benefits of following a vegan diet, which we highlight below. Keep in mind, there are ways to do the vegan diet in an unhealthy way. If your diet is high in carbs, junk/fast foods, fried foods, processed foods and high-fat foods, it’s not a healthy diet. These health benefits only pertain to a diet high in good-for-you, whole plant-based foods.

    1. Increased Energy
    Did you know that by eating less meat, your body doesn’t have to expend as much energy digesting food? Plant-based proteins are easy to break down and chock full of energizing properties. You get a burst of energy without a crash, compared to the sluggishness you can feel after eating meat-based protein.

    2. Rich in Nutrients
    When you eliminate meat and animal products, you have to rely on other foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. These foods offer more fibre, antioxidants, potassium, and essential vitamins like A, C and E.

    This is only if you stick to nutrient-rich, whole plant foods of course. If most of the food you’re eating is in the form of carbs and fast food vegan options, you risk not getting enough vitamin B12, iron, calcium and zinc.

    3. Promotes Weight Loss
    Since the vegan diet focuses on whole plant foods, those who follow it often eat healthier all around. Vegan diets have a tendency to reduce your caloric intake, making them effective for aiding with weight loss.

    4. Lower Risk of Heart Disease
    Vegan diets have been found to lower your risk of heart disease through fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and fibre. The vegan diet has also been shown to help lower blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels.

    5. Improved Digestion
    Since a healthy vegan diet increases your fibre intake, it can improve digestion and your gut health. This lowers levels of inflammation and decreases bloat!

    10 Sources of Vegan Protein

    Along with whole foods, there are other ways to get a healthy protein breakfast in. These 10 sources of vegan protein will be your saviours on days where you need something quick and on-the-go!

    1. Orgain Plant-Based Vanilla Bean Protein
    2. Whole Foods Market Plant Based Fit Protein
    3. Vega Sport Plant Based Premium Protein
    4. Sunwarrior Protein Powder with Peas & Hemp
    5. TOPBiT Plant Based Chocolate Protein Powder
    6. Health Warrior Plant Based Protein Mug Muffin
    7. Good! Plant Based Lemon Protein Bar 
    8. Tea Square Caffeinated Energy Snack
    9. MAGICdATES Plant Based Snack
    10. Super Pop Almond Blueberry Nut Butter Bar

    20 High Protein Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Fuel Your Day

    1. Hidden Greens Chocolate Protein Smoothie | Oh, She Glows
    2. Coconut Buckwheat Porridge | Sondi Bruner
    3. Double Chocolate Granola Bars | With Salt and Wit
    4. Pumpkin Chia Pancakes | Kitchen Treaty
    5. Sweet Potato Toast | Mind Body Green
    6. Avocado Toast with White Beans | Abbey’s Kitchen
    7. Chocolate Protein French Toast | Stefanie Gold Marie
    8. Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Bowl | Well and Full
    9. Tempeh Breakfast Sandwiches | Connoisseurus Veg
    10. Strawberry Breakfast Cake | Healthier Steps
    11. Blueberry Protein Shake | Jennifer Meyering
    12. Veggie Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust | Nutritional Foodie
    13. Blackberry Quinoa Bowl | Give Recipe
    14. Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal | Desserts with Benefits
    15. Super Green Smoothie Bowl | Minimalist Baker
    16. Black Beans and Avocado Toast | Give Recipe
    17. Date-Sweetened Banana Bread | Sweet Simple Vegan
    18. Loaded Breakfast Sweet Potatoes | Food with Feeling
    19. Simple Tofu Quiche | Minimalist Baker
    20. Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins | The Big Man’s World

    If you’ve been searching for vegan protein breakfasts to fuel your day, look no further! Try these awesome recipes and vegan protein sources to ensure you feel great every morning!