7 inner thigh workouts for sexy summer legs

    If you're on a quest to get sexy legs in time for bikini season, you will LOVE this collection of inner thigh workouts that will help you tone and tighten your thighs from the comfort of your own home. Good luck!

    While most people worry about belly fat and cellulite in the months leading up to bikini season, I also worry about the jiggle in my arms and the state of my thighs. Being a long-distance runner helps me keep my weight in check, but since my training schedule doesn’t leave a ton of time for weight training (GAH!), I do NOT have the tight and toned body I wish I had.


    The good news is that I’ve rounded up 7 fabulous inner thigh workouts to help you (and me!) tighten and tone our thighs from the comfort of our living rooms.

    Who knew sexy legs could be so easy to achieve?

    10 Minute Inner Thigh Workout by FitnessBlender

    Inner Thigh Exercises For Toning by XHIT Daily

    The Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness

    Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge by blogilates

    5 Minute Inner Thigh Workout for Lean Toned Thighs by FitnessBlender

    Inner Thigh Workout for Women – 6 Exercises for Thigh Gap by Vitality Advocate

    Intense INNER THIGH Challenge! by blogilates

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    Whether you workout at the gym or at home, these thigh slimming exercises for women will help you get tight, toned, slim legs with a sexy inner thigh gap. I challenge you to do one video a day for 30 days - you\'ll see amazing results! Make sure to take before and after photos and measure your legs to track your progress, and remember: no pain, no gain!

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