No Fuss Dinners: 36 Mess-Free Foil Pack Meals You’ll Love

    36 Foil Pack Meals You’ll Love | Whether you’re camping, grilling, cooking in the oven, or creating a summer cookout for kids, foil pack meals are where it’s at. You can create healthy family-friendly meals with your favorite ingredients with next to no clean up. From a basic sausage, potato, and green beans foil pack, to grilled halloumi and veggies, to keto steak foil packs, we’re sharing 36 ideas for all palettes. #foilpackmeals #foilpacketmeals #hobomeals #campingmeals

    Looking for easy, healthy dinners to make any night of the week? Foil pack meals are delicious and fun to eat, and you can use your imagination to create unique meals by mixing together tasty ingredients! Foil pack meals were made popular among campers – what could be easier than tossing together a meal in aluminum foil and heating it over the campfire? But now, home cooks everywhere are creating foil pack meals for their families to gobble up around the dinner table. Whether you need a quick weeknight meal or are entertaining on the weekend, here are 36 foil pack meals you’ll love!

    What are Foil Pack Meals?

    Foil pack meals are a simple, fuss-free way of cooking that allows you to cook an entire dinner in aluminum foil. You can choose your own ingredients, they can be baked, roasted or grilled, and you don’t have to worry about heavy clean up. You may associate foil pack meals with camping trips, but there’s no reason you can’t make them at home! They’re simple to put together and you can be sure your family or guests will end up loving the final result!

    7 Tips to Create the Perfect Foil Pack Meals

    1. Use Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
    The last thing you want is for your flavourful juices to pour out of your foil pack. Use heavy duty aluminum foil to prevent any tears and keep your meal as compact as possible. You can also double up on foil if needed, especially when you boil the foil packs.

    2. Use Thin Meat and Put It On the Bottom
    The thinner the meat, the easier it will be to cook. Pound or slice your meat into bite-sized pieces so it’s easy to eat right out of the pack. You should also place meat on the bottom of your foil pack meal. Meats take the longest to cook and will benefit from being closest to the heat source.

    3. Don’t Disregard Different Cook Times
    Some foods take longer to cook than others, and this shouldn’t be ignored. Although it’s ideal to put everything in the foil pack at once, quick-cook foods like cheese can be thrown in once the meal comes out of the oven or off the grill to keep from burning. Consider the cook time of your meats, protein and vegetables to figure out what will work best for your foil pack meal.

    4. Pre Cook Rice and Pasta
    If you plan to use rice or pasta in your foil pack meal, you’ll need to pre cook them. The foil packet won’t get hot enough or have enough liquid to cook these types of food. There are plenty of foil pack meals that don’t use rice or pasta, but if you want to use either one of them, you’ll have to do that extra step!

    5. Pick Your Veggies
    Veggies are a key part of foil pack meals, and you can use your favourites to create a meal your family will love! Keep in mind that different vegetables have different cook times. You’ll want to cut harder veggies like potatoes and carrots into small pieces so they cook at the same rate as larger cut onions and mushrooms.

    6. Add Flavourful and Moist Seasonings
    Add your favourite seasonings to give your meal a good dose of flavour! Consider ingredients like chilli powder, cumin, oregano, red wine vinegar and cajun seasoning. Add onion and garlic to up the flavour, and use tomatoes and flavourful liquids like soy sauce to increase the moisture in your meal.

    7. Seal Your Foil Packet Properly
    It turns out there’s a proper way to seal your foil packet. Sealing it the wrong way can lead to leaks and undercooked food. Rather than simply pinching the sides shut, bring the long sides of the foil together in the centre, crease them together and tightly fold in a downward motion. Continue folding until the foil lies flat against the packet’s top. Then, fold the shorter sides inward the same way.

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    These foil pack meals are about to make your dinner nights so much easier! Whip them up whenever you need quick and healthy meals!