Weight Watchers Snacks: 15 Low Point Snacks for Delicious Weight Loss

    28 Weight Watchers Snacks with Points for Weight Loss | Whether you’re on the the Smartpoints or Freestyle version of Weight Watchers, you need quick & easy on-the-go snack ideas for work & school to keep you feeling full when hunger strikes. We’ve got 28 healthy ideas, including store bought zero point snack ideas & sweet, savory & skinny desserts under 5 Freestyle points. #weightwatchers #weightwatchersfreestyle #weightwatchersfreestyle #weightwatcherssnacks #zeropointsnacks #weightloss

    If you’re on Weight Watchers, or are thinking about starting the program, you’ll be happy to know you still get to snack! Weight Watchers snacks are healthy and delicious, and will make you feel good. You won’t feel deprived during the day as you lead your healthiest lifestyle. Forget about reaching for a bag of chips or a high-fat muffin, these snacks will satisfy you so you don’t feel guilty about your midday nibbling. And with the new Weight Watchers Freestyle program, you get to enjoy more foods than you did before! Check out Weight Watchers zero-point snacks and 15 low point snacks for delicious weight loss!

    What is Weight Watchers?

    Weight Watchers prides itself on being a lifestyle program, rather than a diet plan. Their goal is to help you create an eating plan that’s sustainable and doesn’t deprive you, so you can stay consistent with it and life your fullest life. The program teaches you how to eat healthy and also increase your physical activity so you can keep your excess weight off for good.

    Weight Watchers is based on a system called SmartPoints. SmartPoints are given to foods and meals and are determined by calories, saturated fats, sugar and protein. Based on your weight, height, age activity level, and desired weight loss, you’re assigned a SmartPoints budget that helps you make healthier eating choices. You’ll eat more fruits and vegetables, more lean protein, and less unhealthy fat and sugar.

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    Weight Watchers also invests in helping you shift your mindset and reconnecting with your “why” so you can focus on why you wanted to make a change in the first place. This helps you stay motivated and consistent for the long haul. They also help you find physical activities you love and that fit your lifestyle, so you enjoy making moving a healthy habit!

    Weight Watchers recently rolled out its new Freestyle plan. If you’ve been following Weight Watchers for a while, the new plan shouldn’t feel too different, but there are a few things you need to know, especially when it comes to WW snacks!

    What is Weight Watchers Freestyle?

    On the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan, every food and drink has a Freestyle points value. They also introduced a zero points food category made up of lean protein, fruits and vegetables. On the previous plan, most fruits and vegetables were zero points, and still are, but they’ve added more foods to the list! The zero points category now encompasses lean proteins, legumes, lentils, non-fat dairy products, skinless chicken and turkey, most fresh seafood, eggs, tofu, and non-fat yogurt.

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    On the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan, your daily SmartPoint allowance will change, to even out all the new zero point foods. Your Freestyle points budget will depend on your demographics and weight loss plan. There are also rollover points on the new plan, which gives you the ability to rollover 4 points daily to save for special occasions or other high point days. This means if you’re allowed 23 points per day, you would eat 19 points to save up 4 points on an extra day. To make this simpler on yourself, fill up on lots of zero points foods to make it easy to save up points without going hungry. You could make a vegetable tofu scramble for breakfast, a chicken breast salad for lunch and seafood with veggies for dinner.

    13 Guilt-Free Zero Point Weight Watchers Snacks

    Here’s a list of Weight Watchers zero point snacks you can enjoy all the time!

    1. Fresh and frozen fruit (without added sugar)
    2. Fresh and frozen vegetables (and canned vegetables without oil or added sugar) – excludes vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados and olives
    3. Corn (sweet corn, corn on the cob, baby corn)
    4. Peas (sugar snap, snow black-eyed,split)
    5. Beans (black, kidney, edamame, pinto, bean sprouts, soy beans)
    6. Legumes (chickpeas)
    7. Lentils
    8. Skinless chicken or turkey breast lettuce wraps
    9. Shrimp
    10. Hard boiled eggs
    11. Scrambled eggs with fat-free salsa
    12. Unsweetened apple sauce
    13. Non-fat plain yogurt

    15 Weight Watchers Snack Recipes Under 5 Freestyle Points

    These snacks are perfect to eat throughout the day. They’ll keep you satisfied and on track with your weight loss goals! They’re all under 5 Freestyle points.

    1. Shrimp Summer Rolls with Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce (2 Points) | SkinnyTaste
    2. Carrot Cakes Muffins (1.5 Points) | Drugstore Divas
    3. Banana Pancake Bites (1 Point) | Emily Bites
    4. Avocado Toast with Sunnyside Egg (4 Points) | SkinnyTaste
    5. Chicken Salad with Apples and Cranberries (3 Points) | Simple Nourished Living
    6. Spicy Rice Cake Nacho (3 Points) Weight Watchers
    7. Ham and Cheese Egg Cups (2 Points) | Emily Bites
    8. Instant Pot Salsa Chicken (3 Points) | Dash of Herbs
    9. Garlic Roasted Green Beans with Almonds (2 Points) | Emily Bites
    10. Sweet Potato Banana Mini Muffins (1 point) | Simple Nourished Living
    11. Proscuitto Wrapped Figs (1 Point) | Weight Watchers
    12. BBQ Chicken Quesadillas (4 Points) | Meal Planning Mommies
    13. Maple Pecan Pan-Fried Banana (2 Points) | Weight Watchers
    14. Pumpkin Spice Muffins (2 Points) | Cook, Eat, Go
    15. Bacon, Egg, Zucchini and Cheese Muffins (2 Points) | Slender Kitchen

    Snacking on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan is easy as can be! Use these zero to 5 point snacks to fill up on healthy foods without feeling deprived throughout the day!