Desserts for One: 48 Irresistible Single Serve Desserts You’ll Love

    48 Healthy Desserts for One | If you're looking for quick and easy single serving desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt, this collection of dessert recipes for weight loss will not disappoint! We've included a range of recipes, from low calorie, to low carb, to chocolate, to no bake, to individual desserts you can make FAST in the microwave. These ideas are simple, delicious, and the perfect way to indulge without the bulge.

    When you think about baking desserts, you may think about how much time and effort go into them. But what if you didn’t have to make large scale desserts every time? Large desserts are great for dinner parties and family gatherings, but what about the times when you want something sweet just for you? Desserts for one are perfect for post-dinner cravings when you’re longing for a taste of chocolate or something sweet. They’re ideal if you live alone and don’t want to freeze a big batch of cupcakes every time you make them, and they’re also easy on the wallet! You can enjoy every bite without feeling guilty at the end, preventing you from overeating as you might when you have 12 cookies or an entire cake on hand. Check out these irresistible single serve desserts we know you’ll love!

    4 Small Batch Baking Tips

    1. Don’t Divide a Larger Recipe
    While this may seem like the logical thing to do, a recipe for a dozen chocolate chip cookies isn’t divisible by 12. You’ll notice many dessert recipes call for one or two eggs, which alone proves this point. There are plenty of single serve dessert recipes available (see below!), so look to those instead of experimenting with division!

    2. Be Careful Not to Over Mix
    While typical dessert recipes usually require a lot of mixing, a small batch of batter can quickly become over mixed, especially if you use a large stand mixer. Instead, stick to a hand mixer, which will give you much better results for small batch baking.

    3. Use Small Bowls
    To go along with the above note, over mixing is easier when you use a large bowl, so stick to small bowls when you’re making single serve desserts. This also goes for the pan you use. Don’t try to make a single serve brownie in a 9×9 pan. Oven-safe ramekins or coffee mugs are great for single serve baking!

    4. Be Mindful of Timing
    While some single serve recipes will take the same amount of time to cook as their large counterpart, others, such as small batch brownies, cook faster. Be mindful of timing and read the recipe to find out the best way of cooking your desserts for one! Some suggest the oven, while for others you can use the toaster oven or microwave.

    12 Low Calorie Desserts for One

    1. 100 Calorie Single Serving Brownie | Brooklyn Farm Girl
    2. Healthy Cookie Dough for One | The Big Man’s World
    3. 80 Calorie Single Serving Chocolate Mug Cake | VegAnnie
    4. Skinny Mug Brownies | Living Sweet Moments
    5. Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake | Steamy Kitchen
    6. Skinny Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie | Something Swanky
    7. Low Fat Chocolate Mug Cake | Cafe Delites
    8. Low Calorie Mug Cake | Health Beet
    9. Skinny Frozen Hot Chocolate | Something Swanky
    10. Yogurt Banana Sundae | Eating Well
    11. Skinny Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Mug Cake | Amy’s Healthy Baking
    12. 100 Calorie Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake | The Big Man’s World

    12 Chocolate Desserts for One

    1. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie for One | One Dish Kitchen
    2. Brownie in a Mug | The Typical Mom
    3. Edible Cookie Dough with Chocolate Chips | Savory Experiments
    4. 2-Minute Brownie for One | Listotic
    5. Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Cookie Dough | Veggie Balance
    6. XXL Death by Chocolate Cookie | Sally’s Baking Addiction
    7. Chocolate Peanut Butter “Cheesecake” | Food, Faith, Fitness
    8. Salted Chocolate Caramel Tartlets | Karen’s Kitchen Stories
    9. Chocolate Pudding for One | Taste of Home
    10. Mini Chocolate Pudding Cakes | Two Purple Figs
    11. Moist Chocolate Cake in a Cup | Ricardo
    12. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls for One | Wit and Whistle

    12 Healthy Desserts for One

    1. Guilt-Free Snickerdoodle Mug Cake | Frugal Foodie Mama
    2. Peach Crisp for One | One Dish Kitchen
    3. Single Serve Banana Bread | Don’t Worry, Be Healthy
    4. Individual Peanut Butter Cheesecakes | Healthy Food for Living
    5. 3-Ingredient Keto Mug Cake | Keto Millenial
    6. Healthier White Chocolate Mousse | Texanerin
    7. Single-Serving Triple Berry Cobbler | Dessert Now Dinner Later
    8. Blueberry Mug Muffin | Budget Bytes
    9. Strawberry Mug Cake with Protein | Food Faith Fitness
    10. Single Serving Healthier Chocolate Chip Muffin | Sally’s Baking Addiction
    11. Peanut Butter Healthy Mug Cake | Scrummy Lane
    12. Single Serve Healthy Pumpkin Mug Cake | Fit Foodie Finds

    12 Quick Desserts for One

    1. 1-Minute Coffee Cake in a Mug | The Typical Mom
    2. Coconut Mug Cake | An Affair from the Heart
    3. 2-Minute Chocolate Mousse | InstruPix
    4. Easy Vanilla Mug Cake | Tastes Better from Scratch
    5. 5-Minute Single Serving Apple Crisp | Pinch of Yum
    6. Cinnamon Nut Swirl Mug Cake | Budget Bytes
    7. 5-Minute Chocolate Fudge S’mores Mug Cake | Home Sweet Eats
    8. One-Minute Peanut Butter Cake | Wholefully
    9. 2-Minute Apple Pie Crunch | Dizzy, Busy and Hungry
    10. Microwave Strawberry Vanilla Mug Cake | Averie Cooks
    11. “The One” Chocolate Mug Cake | Budget Bytes
    12. One Minute Cinnamon Roll in a Mug | A Virtual Vegan

    Ready to try out these single serve desserts? Whip them up the next time you’re craving a dessert for yourself!