Boost Your Stamina: 4 Endurance Workouts for Weight Loss

    4 Endurance Workouts for Weight Loss | If you're looking for full body exercises for beginners you can do at home to help boost your metabolism for weight loss that lasts, endurance workouts are where it's at! Running, cycling, cardio, and HIIT workouts are all great ways to improve your stamina, but body weight and dumbbell exercises can also give your endurance a healthy boost. Check out our fave 4 strength training and endurance workouts! #enduranceworkouts #boostmetabolism #cardioworkouts

    There are plenty of benefits of increasing your stamina and endurance. If you notice you can’t catch your breath after you walk up a flight of stairs, or have trouble walking a long distance, it’s a sign that you have some work to do! Increasing your endurance helps create a strong, healthy body, boosts your metabolism, helps you lose weight and increases your body’s ability to endure extensive activity. Your muscles, cardiovascular system, joints, bones and lungs learn to adapt to sustaining a strong pace for an extended period of time, making your body healthier overall. Want to know some of the best endurance workouts for weight loss? We’re covering it all in this post!

    What is Endurance Training?

    Endurance training is any type of exercise meant to increase your endurance – the ability to exert a high level of physical effort for an extended period of time. It can be cardiovascular training, such as running or biking that involves exercising aerobically for an extended amount of time at a level that is intense enough to improve your fitness. Or it can be strength training, which consists of resistance training exercises with high repetitions. Either way, endurance training refers to any type of exercise that trains the aerobic energy system rather than the anaerobic energy system.

    Cardiovascular endurance affects the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to provide muscles with oxygen for a sustained period. For example, endurance running is any run that lasts for 30 minutes minimum, getting your body used to running for extended periods of time.

    Strength training or muscular endurance is when a person performs strength exercises with proper form for an extended period of time without tiring out. Body weight exercises, dumbbell workouts and HIIT (high intensity interval training) are examples of how you can increase your muscular endurance. These workouts enhance your muscles’ capacity to utilize oxygen and in turn improve muscular endurance.

    What are the Benefits of Endurance Training?

    1. Cardiovascular Health
    One of the main benefits of endurance training is its effect on cardiovascular health. Endurance exercise is recommended for anyone who is at risk of heart disease because it strengthens your heart and helps it pump blood through the body. It can also help lower blood pressure and keep arteries clear by increasing good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

    2. Weight Loss
    If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s time to get started with endurance training. It can help you drop unwanted pounds and keep them off as it helps burn calories and fat. Endurance training on its own is a good way to lose weight, but a combination of a healthy diet and exercise is always the best way to get to your ideal weight.

    3. Boosts Your Mood
    Exercising in general is known to boost your mood and endurance training specifically can reduce symptoms of depression. Moving your body is essential for your body and mind, improving concentration, boosting productivity and increasing creativity. If you’re ever feeling low or unmotivated, going for a long run or bike ride can help you boost your mood and improve your cognitive function.

    4. Improves Sleep Health
    Endurance training can help you can a good night’s sleep. Adding endurance training into your regular routine can lead to better sleep quality and duration, as well as make you feel more awake and energized throughout the day. Just keep in mind that you should finish your workout at least two hours before going to bed, as exercising late at night can make it hard to sleep.

    5. An Affordable Way to Exercise
    While some workout routines require expensive gym memberships, endurance training allows you to exercise at low to no cost. You can jog or bike around your neighbourhood streets or a local track, and you can do bodyweight exercises from the comfort of your home. If you want to move onto weighted exercises, you can invest in a pair of dumbbells for your at-home workouts.

    4 Endurance Training Workouts for Weight Loss

    30-Minute Strength Training Workout with Dumbbells via POPSUGAR Fitness

    This strength training workout will not only help you grow stronger, it will also help you increase your endurance. You’ll do moves like squat jumps, skaters and jump tuck burpees, raising your heart beat and boosting your stamina. Grab a pair of dumbbells between 5 and 15 pounds and get ready to sweat and strengthen with this awesome routine!

    Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout ?? No Equipment via Heather Robertson

    If you want to increase your endurance and stamina, a good cardio workout is one of the best ways to do it. This routine consists of three HIIT circuits, which you’ll be repeating twice. It’s a full body workout that has you moving through cardio exercise for 30 minutes, from power jacks to ski hops, criss cross jumps to bum kicks. You can do it without any equipment, so it’s easy to burn fat and boost your endurance from the comfort of your home – or anywhere for that matter!

    Total Body Strength Training Without Weights for Women via Joanna Soh Official

    This is a great strength training workout if you’re a beginner because it doesn’t require you to use any weights or equipment. Body weight exercises are one of the best ways to increase your strength and stamina. This routine consists of 8 exercises including prisoner squats, superman to plank, wide to narrow pushups, knee tucks and more. Get ready to improve your muscular endurance with this one!

    Weight Training Workout for Fat Loss via FitnessBlender

    This weight training workout is awesome for burning fat and boosting your endurance. You’ll do exercises like deadlift reverse flys, lunges and row kickbacks, pushups, crunches and cross punches and more. You’re sure to break a sweat and get your heart beating, while you burn lots of calories! You’ll need dumbbells for this one, but if you’re a beginner, you can start off by doing the exercises without weights!

    It’s so important to have good endurance and stamina. Do these endurance training workouts if you want to get in great shape and shed some unwanted pounds!