Entertaining Made Simple: 6 Grazing Table Ideas to Inspire You

    6 Grazing Table Ideas to Inspire You | From rustic vegan, to decadent dessert, to tropical breakfast, to BBQ lunch, to late night indulgences, we’re teaching you how to make a grazing table for every palette and occasion! Whether you’re celebrating something specific, like a wedding, baby shower, Christmas, or birthday, or you just like throwing parties and need to add some oompf, these DIY ideas will not disappoint! #grazingtables #grazingtableideas #entertaining101

    If you’re planning to entertain over the summer and beyond, you may want to consider creating a gorgeous grazing table for your guests. The newest craze in the world of entertaining, grazing tables allow your guests to chat and enjoy each other’s company while grazing on delicious bite-sized eats. Whether you’re hosting a wedding shower, family barbecue, baby shower, or any other party, grazing tables are a sure way to impress! Here are 6 grazing table ideas to inspire your next bash!

    What is a Grazing Table?

    A grazing table is an artfully arranged spread consisting of meats, cheeses, raw vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, olives, nuts and other small finger foods. They’re often strikingly decorative and allow your guests to mix and mingle as they eat. Not only are grazing tables great for the guests, they’re also ideal for the host. You don’t want to spend all your time slaving away in the kitchen and serving people while the party’s going on – you want to be able to spend as much time as you can enjoying the company of your guests!

    How to Create a Grazing Table: 6 Tips

    1. Put Thought Into The Table Itself
    While what goes on the grazing table is important, don’t forget about the table itself. Think of your table as the base layer – it lays the foundation for the entirety of your grazing station. Use a table that reflects the overall decor of your party. Many people use rustic wood tables for their base, but a more simple table will do! You can also use unique tablecloths to transform a plain table.

    2. Consider Table Access
    You also have to consider where to place your grazing table. Make sure there’s enough space around the table for people to reach all the food and also mingle around it. It’s preferable if the table can be accessed from both sides AKA not pressed up against a wall.

    3. Put Out Different Sized Serving Dishes
    A great way to add visual interest to your grazing table is laying out serving dishes such as cheese boards, cutting boards, trays and stands that are different sizes and heights. You can also play around with different materials. Mixing wood charcuterie-style boards and marble cheese plates makes for a gorgeous contrast.

    4. Mix Textures
    As well as mix and matched serving dishes, make sure to mix the textures of your foods. From an array of cured meats, to soft and aged cheeses, nuts, dips and a combination of soft and hard fruits, the more variety you can offer, the better! Don’t forget crackers, bread and condiments so your guests have lots to choose from!

    5. Your Table Should Be Fully Covered
    For a striking grazing table, don’t leave any blank space on your table. It should be fully covered, if not with food, then add some extra greenery, herbs or flowers to your tablescape. If you do go with herbs or flowers, make sure they don’t smell too strong so they don’t overpower the different elements of the grazing table.

    6. Bite Sized Foods
    A grazing table is meant to be filled with bite-sized foods. The whole point is for it to be easily accessed and for the food to be easy to eat. Don’t add any food that’s too big or too messy, or people will be more focused on getting food into their mouth than enjoying the party. Food that you can eat in one to two bites is ideal!

    6 Grazing Table Ideas to Inspire You

    1. The Vegetarian/Vegan Grazing Table
    While grazing tables are often filled with meats and cheeses, you could also create a vegetarian or vegan grazing table. A vegetarian spread could still include cheeses, but if you want to go fully planted based, some amazing options for your table are fresh veggies and fruits, vegan fig cheese, vegan aged cheese, hummus, nuts, vegan sausage, olives, dried fruit, tapenade and crackers!

    2. The Decadent Grazing Table
    You can also do a grazing table full of desserts! Use sweets like chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels, berries, candies, chocolate covered almonds, tiny donuts, white chocolate blondies, mini cupcakes, macarons, and any other sweet nibbles to make it completely decadent.

    3. The Tropical Grazing Table
    A tropical grazing table is so much fun and perfect for any backyard fest. Use pineapples as centrepieces and make sure to have plenty of tropical-inspired fruit such as watermelon, mango, papaya and pomegranate. Make sure it’s very colourful and consider placing palm leaves on the tale as well.

    4. The Barbecue Inspired Grazing Table
    Love hosting summer BBQs in your backyard, but want a way to elevate them? A BBQ inspired grazing table is the perfect way to do it! Have corn on the cob cut in half, mini sliders, french fries, and for this one you can even have chicken wings if you’re not too worried about a mess. Just make sure to have hand wipes that are easily accessible!

    5. The Late Night Grazing Table
    A late night grazing table is perfect for a wedding or any party that goes late into the night! Fill it with everyone’s late night favourites like mini pizza rolls, mini sliders, donuts, sweets, fruits, and crackers and dips. People need to refuel come nighttime, so a late night grazing table is always nice to have!

    6. The Shower Grazing Table
    Hosting a baby shower or bridal shower? A grazing table will be your best bet to keep everyone satisfied! Stack it with little tea sandwiches, macarons, cookies, fruits, cheeses, veggies and dips. You can even get customized cookies with the bride’s name on them!

    Ready to claim the title of hostess with the mostest? These grazing table tips and ideas are sure to have your guests buzzing about your amazing spread!